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“God Of Gaudland” – or – “From light and fire – born!” | Lasers and bonfire


Stat: Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 
1/30s | 45mm | f2.8 | ISO1600 


Handheld and shot by Thomas Sirevåg, 
setup, idea and camera rigging by myself.

A result of two lasers pens with starfield head enlightening me in the 
dark of night.  We had a tour with the local Photogroup and I brought 
with me a couple of lasers with this pict in mind.  We had a campfire 
burning and during late (very late) night i rigged this setup and used
myself as a model. A 80'ish alpine sunglasses on my nose and I still 
remember the smell of bacon as my middle part came a little too close 
too the fire.

Why "God of Gaudland"? Very close by the place we visited is the 
"God of Rossland" - a possible relic from iron age: 
Available in 7360 x 4912